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"Charming! A fun, non shushing, stress free show for the whole family."  - Eva Heinemann of HI! Drama 


"The Magician's Assistant is the perfect show for families -- hilarious and full of heart! Me'lissa Smith is a world-class comedienne whose charm is infectious. The expressions of pure joy on the faces of the young audience members is a true testament to the magic of her performance!" -Brittany Parker, Strand Theatre

"Everything about the show was just right, the students were engaged and loved participating in the show. I’m sure it built some memories for all.” -Amanda Pingree, Union Elementary School  

"Such a great show! I was laughing before it got started! Magician Assistant reminds me of Carol Burnett! I loved every minute and didn’t want it to end!"  - Facebook Reviewer

"So full of heart, fantastic show. Awesome for adults and I would imagine it is MIND BLOWINGLY FUNNY for kids. Super creative, fun, wonderful." - Sarah Todes, Founder Puppetsburg Theater 

"Engaging, hilarious, masterfully-performed and full of surprises! A total delight." - Facebook Reviewer 

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